We help you to find the armoured car for your needs!

Don’t just buy any cheap B6 armoured vehicle.
B6 is just a material test, not a certification that you buy a properly armoured vehicle. 

Do you know what happens if the brakes and suspension are not upgraded to support the new weight? And if the door hinges are not upgraded? An unsecure vehicle!

We help you find the right car for the job and make sure you don’t get any surprises.

Are you just looking for cheap?
We might not be the right partner for you.

We can also help you by servicing your armoured cars in Ukraine (Kiev). Currently in stock Ukrainian registered Toyota LandCruisers armoured in VR7

In stock and ready for armouring:
10x Nissan Patrol
Please contact us by
phone (+31 6 54642033) or
WhatsApp (+31 15 369 0046) for the latest stock vehicles.