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Toyota HZJ 78 D Ambulance armoured VR6

Condition New
Armouring VR6
Steering LHD
Body 4x4
Fuel type Diesel
Engine 4200
Transmission Manual
Drive 4WD
Seats 2
Exterior Color White
Interior Color White
Location Germany
Tax Not Included
Production 2014

Vehicle Description:
Toyota HZJ 78 D Ambulance

Protection level: VPAM BRV 1999 VR 6 (B6)
Air Condition inkl. Second independent conserver, bonnet locks- aero Catch, central locking, power-windows, front airbag, selfseeling main and addional diesel-tank,
Protected tail pipe, public adress system, spot-lights, stone, ship, enforced brake and suspension system, rear brake drum, to-disc conversion / enforced master cylinder & enforced front pads and discs. 4 x tow strap, BF Goodridge T/A tiyres on steel, Hi-Lift, Steeelrims, tyre inflator ARB, CKMP12

Ambulance Description: 
Primary stretcher, Kartsana RIT 880, secondary strechter, Lightbar Elektra LZP-LF including, Ambulance signal, blue rotating bacon, side wall mounted IV track, primary ventilator, secondary ventilator portable, portable oxy, Therapy Kit-Live-Base-4N with Co2 measurement with the oxyway fine II 30701 regulator and WM 1805 oxygen bottles, non slip vinyl washable floor , four international lights, two external rear facing working lights, 5 electrical outlets mulitifunctional, rear seat bench incl. add. Storage and 2° stretcher

Diesel 4,2 litres Specification High idle Kit included OEM base (model-year 2014)

new car, never used!

to be sold only outside EU!

Armouring Made in Germany!

€83 500